The yoga revolution that has swept the world has left its mark on most capital cities around the world, yet for one of London’s oldest and most famous buildings, it would seem, at first, “a bridge too far”.

Not so for the team at the Tower Bridge Exhibition. The glass walkway that cuts its way across the bridge with traffic flowing below makes for an exciting new addition to the London yoga scene by transforming an iconic London destination into a surreal, serene yoga ‘studio’ of rectangular proportions..Welcome to Yoga in the Walkways.

I have to admit that when I first turned up at the class, I was in a bit of a state. An early morning start meant that I managed to leave my beloved yoga mat at the Royal Oak tube station. Memories of my attachment to my mat started flooding in, for it was on this my first mat where the yoga love affair all started, at Suryalila with Vidya Heisel in Southern Spain. Being a yogi, I tried to let these feelings go, non-attachment and all that.

The class began and soon the sentimental feelings started to fade away as Billie Woodcraft, the lovely and very approachable yoga teacher, started to lead us through a gentle yet dynamic flowing vinyasa class. With atmospheric sounds to accompany us as we progressively moved through the asanas, the sense of being elevated high into the sky on top of the bridge whilst observing the traffic 42 metres below moving at pace through the glass floor really added to the practice.

A feeling of lightness pervaded me, as if we were in some form of bubble or vacuum. ‘Am I really doing yoga whilst looking down on traffic passing in silence as they make their way across the bridge, or am I in a dream…?’

During the class, I saw the morning light breaking through the clouds and down into the cityscapes of Canary Wharf. I noticed that my state had shifted – I felt very present  with the class and my surroundings. It was a feeling that I hadn’t experienced for a while in my yoga practice, a practice of which that perhaps had become accustomed to my usual routine. Yoga in the Walkways certainly brings a new perspective to a yoga practice.

After a lovely flowing practice, Billie gently led us down into savasana.. Here was I, in total relaxation, whilst busy Londoners were starting their day beneath me.  Perched high above one of London’s highest and most famous landmarks, I had just experienced inner peace. Most importantly though, I was ready to start my day at the bank. I ended up having an extremely busy and intense day, but it was my morning practice at Yoga in the Walkways that kept me feeling fresh.

London is an old city, but it is a dynamic and bold city as well. As the practice of yoga continues to enter into the mainstream, what better way to celebrate this than by practising Yoga in the Walkways at Tower Bridge.

Classes are £25 and take place been 7.30am to 8:20pm. It is popular and classes sell out fast so its advisable to book early.

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