Xenia Bolomiti

Xenia Bolomiti

Xenia has been living in London since 2007,a great experience, as well as a big challenge. Being always involved in body movement and the awareness around it, Xenia realized that a big city, a hectic rhythm can easily bring off balance. This is how Ayurveda came into Xenia’s life!

Since 2000 Xenia was around theatre, physical movement and the body awareness through sports, Yoga, Alexander Technique and  listening to life’s vibrations. Xenia was always interested in therapeutic massage techniques and the way one can help the body to breath through its’ physical, physiological and psychological existence, Ayurveda put everything into practice.

As an Ayurvedic therapist Xenia’s goal is to build this awareness to her clients. To motivate them in order for find the root of the off balance, realize the body’s unique possibilities and let go of anything that the body doesn’t need.

That is why in Ayurveda, individuality is crucial.

Xenia trained with Sunita Passi and Tri-Dosha in London and since then Ayurveda holds the biggest space in her life and work. Since then Yoga and meditation was a part of her practice and a tool to keep her balanced. This is why on 2013 Xenia qualified as a 200hr Yoga Instructor (200-RYT).

Passionate about life Xenia is also a writer and Xenia believes that we can dream with our eyes open as long as we are able to let things flow in the present without being hooked to the past and the expectations of the future. It is the way we can find peace with the world we live in.

Let it come, let it go, let it flow.