Loretta Heywood

Loretta Heywood

Since 2003, Loretta Heywood has worked as a senior therapist with Ayurvedic health, healing & therapies, working with doctors and specialist’s tailoring treatments and personalising health plans to suit clients needs. Loretta currently works privately and at Tri Yoga (Chelsea & Shoreditch).

Treating the body and mind simultaneously, Loretta has helped many people achieve health and pain relief alongside giving people tools of how best to maintain health and happiness.

Her personalised treatments include a combined a deep tissue/sports massage with traditional Ayurvedic healing and warm herbal oils.

It is ideal for busy City professionals living in a fast paced world and those participating in strenuous sporting activities.

De Stress Restorative Facial – releasing tension in your jaw, neck, head, face and shoulders and nervous system, leaving you feeling refreshed and re energised, releasing natural collagen and reducing puffiness. Hands on pranic healing create a energetic shift in the body and mind leaving you feeling utterly relaxed.

Ayurvedic Consultations and Life Coaching – Learn about your own unique nature what is right for your constitution and what could contribute to any imbalances. Ayurveda helps common health/emotional problems through diet, herbs, knowledge and lifestyle.