Jörn Czech and Patricia Thomalla

Jörn Czech and Patricia Thomalla

Prior to starting Avenidao, Patricia and Joern found themselves at crux with busy careers and wanting a healthy lifestyle. They sought personable and deeply enriching support, however became unwilling at one point to continue to spend large amounts, of time and money, on ashrams and spa centers.

Both wanted neither esoteric fundamentalism nor materialistic wellness consumption.

Their interest lay simply in a manageable, undogmatic, approach to health and well-being. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find this place. Hence, They created their own: Avenidao.

The name was coined from the Spanish word Avenida, which translates into English as “access road,” and the Confucian term Dao, which means “correct path” and philosophically signifies the “origin of all things.” Hence, Avenidao, which represents their goal to provide an access road to the correct path, i.e., an assisted view into the origin of all things.

Patricia and Joern imagine Avenidao as a place of refuge, peace and regeneration. If you are at a personal or professional turning point in your life, seek relaxation or simply wish to escape from the everyday hussle and bussle of city live, they welcome you to explore tranquility and your inner balance with them.