Claudia Hubberten

Claudia Hubberten

Namaste, the person behind “Yoga-Mallorca” is “Mahashakti”, Claudia Hubberten. Claudia was born in Mallorca and educated in Germany. Since childhood Claudia has been challenged with back pain due to a double scoliosis. This led her to try all kinds of therapies until she discovered the transformative energy of Yoga.

‘I found that the practice helped me on a physical level and at the same time calmed my “monkey mind” and nourished my yearning for spirituality. I returned to my beloved island of Mallorca in 1997 to live close to the beaches of my childhood and work in the hotel industry.’

‘During a trip around the world in 2001, I spent a few months in India, where I felt a desire to dive deeper into the wisdom of Yoga. This led me to attend my first Yoga teacher training course in Germany, where I received my spiritual name “Mahashakti” from my teacher.’

‘The experience in the Ashram enabled me to listen to my inner voice, which guided me to dedicate my life to Yoga and teach since 2007. Several teachers and traditions have influenced my practice, and it is an ongoing learning process.

I teach regular classes and privates across Mallorca and also specialise in leading yoga retreats in beautiful locations on the island and occasionally teaming up with other excellent teachers and therapist.

My teaching style moves from a therapeutic and more Yin-style Yoga practice to a dynamic Flow, adapting to the needs of the private student or an entire group. I teach in a clear and joyful way and love to guide everyone to BE PRESENT in their Yoga practice.’

‘Having recently rediscovered my passion for dancing, I am currently learning how to share the blissful, transformative experience of holistic dance. My vision for the future is to integrate this into my teachings and retreats.

It makes me happy to see my students connecting to their inner self and feeling inspired to live their life consciously, with love and gratitude.’

Om Shanti