So who am I? Well, I’m just an ordinary guy living in the ordinary western world. On the one hand, I’m a Director at a large international investment bank in the City of London. On the other hand, I participate in many alternative ways of living, and here lies the dichotomy!  I do yoga, but I’m not a strict yogi, but neither am I totally focussed or obsessed about banking either (I actually find the world of finance quite interesting…). I would say that I’m someone in between. I like fine clothes, shoes and restaurants. I also love grand holidays and all that. On the other hand I am equally at home, on retreat doing yoga or meditation. I read the FT, and then switch to a book about yoga.  I’ve been called a  ‘capitalist hippy’ before.. but I think that label could be applied to many of us today – in many different subtle forms, and that’s the whole point.

Indeed, it is a fact of today´s modern living that there are many people who live and work in large, international organisations but also  participate in and enjoy many activities traditionally associated with a spiritual or alternative way of living. But it’s really more than just yoga, Pilates, tai chi or whatever is your chosen passion (or medicine!)…. It’s really about bringing these two together, and everything in between. It’s like Ying and Yang but more. Some would say that they are mutually exclusive however I disagree. I believe the combination of the two results in a very powerful and insightful way of living. 2 + 2 = 5. It’s that simple.

It even goes further – from being interested in nutrition and perhaps more orthomolecular approaches to medicine, to being insightful on what working in large organisations is really all about, It’s really all about sharing that knowledge, and helping others (which some would say is the real meaning of life).

Et voila! The ‘yogibanker’ is born.



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