About the Founder

Scott Robinson, Director & founder of Yogibanker, began his journey into more holistic and spiritual ways of living back in the early 2000s. He first became interested in such practices when he experienced a reiki session from a practitioner, where he described the feeling of ‘suspended animation’ as if he were floating in mid air!

From there, he didn’t look back. After experiencing the wonderful relaxing benefits of Reiki, in 2009, Scott studied Reiki with Sunil Rathod and became a certified Reiki I and II practitioner. At the same time, Scott became interested in meditation and eastern philosophy. He attended many meditation classes with the Kadampa tradition as well as completing his Transcendental Meditation training.

In 2008, he became interested in Pilates and worked with David Higgins, in the early days of Ten Pilates at their Notting Hill studio (now Ten Health & Fitness). Scott is a still regular at Ten, (now at their City studio), working with Erica Foulds, one of Ten’s Master trainers.

In 2012, Scott got introduced to yoga before starting a big job at a large financial institution in the City of London. Yoga really helped Scott get through some difficult times at the bank, helping him to manage the stress that comes with working in the City.

Over the years, Scott has practiced yoga regularly, attending classes, workshops and retreats with some of the leading teachers in the UK and the world, including Mark Hill, Sheila Bennett, Vidya Heisel, Delamay Devi and Nico Luce. Scott’s partner, Susanne Haegele, is also an accomplished international yoga teacher, specialising in pre and post natal yoga.

In October 2017, Scott completed his yoga teacher training with Nico Luce and Exhale Yoga Retreats. Scott describes this experience as one of the most mentally and physically challenging experiences so far in his life, but has utterly transformed the person who he is today, both on the mat and in the workplace. Scott now offers regular classes to his colleagues at work, helping to share the magic of yoga to those who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity or inspiration to practice, ultimately making the office a happier, more relaxed place.

Of all places, Scott was introduced to acupuncture with Dr Li in the City. Scott had some experience of acupuncture prior hand, but the regular sessions with Dr Li, really helped him cope with stress during his early years.

Scott was also fortunate to come across Functional Medicine and work with Lisa Blair, which has allowed him to successfully treat some underlying health conditions and manage the demands of the pressure of working in the City.

Scott’s philosophy has always been to live well, always striving to be a better person and trying new things in order to help him cope and thrive both in and outside of the workplace. Experiences in sound healing, rolfing, hypnotherapy, amongst others, has resulted in an interesting journey, meeting many wonderful and inspiring people along the way. The insights he learnt has resulted in a unique perspective on healing – how accessible these practices are and how they can help so many, especially those who hold a demanding job in the workplace.

The inspiration for Yogibanker was as a result of all his wellness experiences, helping him to shape the person who he is today. He has dreamt of creating this platform for a long time that connects wellness experts and City professionals in an inspirational and personal way.

Scott believes that with perseverance and determination you can achieve anything in life.

“Whatever is in your way, is the way.”

Nico Luce. October, 2017, Bali.


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