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Yoga for Stress Relief & Fatigue Reduction‘ (SATYA) online every Friday morning at 08:00 – 08:45 AM (UK).
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Do you find yourself stressed, anxious or holding tension in your body?

Struggling to differentiate between your work and personal life whilst being indoors the whole time?

In such times, we need to find some time for ourselves within the comfort of our own home.

We need to find some good space and live a normal life to the extent we can again.

We need to create something that separates our working life from our personal life.

The answer is Yoga.

What better way to create that space than through practising yoga in the comfort of your own home.


‘Yoga for Stress Relief & Fatigue Reduction’


Every Friday morning at 8:00AM – 8:45 AM (UK)


Are you feeling stressed or tired after a long week at work? Perhaps with the new hybrid working arrangement you are working from home?

Then come and join me every Friday morning at 8AM (UK) for a rejuvenating yet relaxing somatic movement-based class.  This class is based on the floor with the support of a blanket.

Expect a class that involves gentle movements through the spine, hips, shoulders and other areas of the body. The aim is to release stress but also mobilise all of the key joints of the body, helping you to build strength, release tension and create new energy.

Yoga for Stress Relief & Fatigue Reduction lasts around 45 minutes. No previous experience is necessary.  All levels are welcome. Bring a blanket and mat with you.

To see what this style of movement looks like, take this class here: ⬇️