I must admit, I didn’t really ‘need’ this skiing holiday. I had just spent a remarkable few days at Vida Pura and felt refreshed and relaxed. I was questioning ‘why’ I was going at all.  Still, something was bothering me. I felt unsure about my wellness project, I was giving mixed signals to the universe and it was giving mixed signals back to me.

Welcome to the ‘MIND’. Always thinking, always justifying, always analysing. All this in a state of ‘mind’ that is a fantasy of your own creation. “You are not your thoughts”, but at times those thoughts seem very real. How then is it possible to make difficult decisions when your head is so full of background noise, tossing and turning, agonising as to whether it is the right decision?

It is often said in these difficult moments that when the mind is calm and still, ‘things will just come to you’. A ‘download’ perhaps?

Being ‘busy’ on the other hand is where the mind is in its element. It’s solving problems, coming up with solutions and generally trying to ‘fix things’. ‘Fixing’ however is not the optimal state to work out what you ‘really’ want to do. You need time away from the office, from the house, away from whatever is your regular source of heightened state of activity.

Going on retreat or ‘off-site’ in corporate speak – away from wherever is the lowest point of vibrational frequency, which happens to be cities with all their high density living and electro-magnetic pollution. Just check your wi-fi on your computer and see how many ‘other’ routers you will pick up. Disturbing sometimes huh? Let’s not talk about the levels of air pollution either.

What better place to get away than the French Alps to help me solve what was troubling me: Why I am doing this project? What is this all about? All these big questions needed time for deliberation and quiet contemplation. Asking yourself ‘why’ is always a good thing to do in times of uncertainty or confusion.

I even took myself off the pistes and sat down for a day to contemplate what it all meant. I was lucky to be in the presence of one of the most dramatic sights I have ever seen. Welcome to Chamonix Valley.

The end result? Out of nowhere it seems… I now have a clear path and a stead-fast determination to carry out the ‘divine ‘wisdom I have received. The answer to ‘why’ is clear. It came from somewhere. that’s not to say it’s an act of god, but rather it’s about finding ‘something’ deep down within. Miraculous even.

So next time you are in a rut at work or at home, get on a train, a plane or automobile and seek respite in nature. It’s where the path to true wisdom begins.



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