Sleep. Who takes it seriously? Come on, admit it. Who really has a routine, and cares deeply for the amount and quality of sleep you get every night. Out of a group of 10, I’m guessing two, may be 3?

My pessimism resides in the ways our modern lifestyles have evolved completely oblivious to the fact that we are actually ‘living’ human beings.

Take the smart phone revolution. Access to work or social media is only a press of a button away. We can watch TV till late, check Instagram, Facebook or Twitter all the while whilst the stimulation of the blue light suppresses the production of melatonin needed for sleep.

Maybe you work late, staring at a screen till after 10 or 11PM and then go to bed. You are wired. Your body is electrified. After all, your brain has been in 5th gear for a long time and now it’s time to slam on the brakes.

Lo & behold we think we have found ways to defeat this through special glasses, orange lights and other devices – we think can continue living our crazy, highly connected world for as long as we are awake.

But does this actually prepare the body for sleep? Your mind is still active, your body is absorbing non-ionising radiation, and your electro magnetic field is being disturbed – a really good night’s sleep may only ever be a dream, despite your best of intentions.

You may ‘sleep’ 8 hours but you wake up feeling tired.

What if you actually took your sleep seriously and developed a sleep routine? What if you prioritised sleep like you do (hopefully) what you eat? What if you knew that if you didn’t, it may become deadly?

Research suggests that at least getting a good night’s sleep may be implicated in reducing the risk of dementia & alzhemizers. Getting a good night’s sleep in general allows the body to repair and heal. It also allows you to come to work feeling recharged and focused.

That’s why I have taken to a new sleep routine. It’s simple and it’s totally free. It’s called sleep ‘walking’. You heard me. WALKING. Before bed, that is.

I discovered this miraculous practice after coming home late from our annual Notting Hill Carnival escape. It was around midnight, and after a brisk walk back to the flat from the point where the  taxi could took us as far as it could, I went to bed fearing what the next day at work would bring after a long weekend away. To my surprise I woke up deeply rested. I was also wearing my VIVO barefoot shoes.

I tested the theory again later that week with the same result. A brisk walk before bed was helping me sleep better.

I began to get curious why this could be the case.

I soon realised that the shoes I was wearing was discharging energy built up in the body by connecting with the earth. Research shows that the earth’s core produces a negative electric charge and that the absorption of these negative ions through the ground can have a neutralising and anti-oxidative effect upon any free radicals or positive ions generated as a result of exposure to Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution (ie to computers, smart phones, television screens etc…).

I also learnt that slightly raising the body’s temperature and then going into a cooler environment was a signal to the body to sleep. Deeply.

This little ‘secret’ of mine has now become part of my regular sleep routine. So if you see my wandering around Notting Hill around 10pm you’ll know what I’m up to. It’s now part of my new ‘sleep’ routine. ‘Sleep walking’ has now taken on a whole new meaning.

Why don’t you give it a try? Take sleep seriously. Your life depends on it.

Do you have a sleep routine that works for you?


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