Larissa Israel

Larissa Israel

Larissa has always followed her heart to fully embrace the callings, adventures and challenges of living ten years abroad and traveling into unknown worlds.

Larissa’s love of life with all its teachings have inspired her to become self-employed and found “Unison Healing”, a centre for self-healing & soul potential.

She works internationally (in German, English and French) to lead workshops, retreats and seminars as well as individual sessions in the field of ​​consciousness-coaching, personality and leadership development as well as in the holistic healing arts. Besides her profound spiritual training, Larissa is a master graduate in music management and educational science (Sorbonne Université Paris). For ten years she lived her dream when directing the creative music projects of the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra (see documentary Rhythm is it!). She also engaged herself as a guest lecturer at universities and cultural institutions for the social benefit of music.

She dedicates most of her energy to higher consciousness, spirituality, holistic practices, sound and energy, all skillfully woven into her treatments and teachings. Mental and emotional hygiene, learning to handle multidimensional matter, understanding the power of higher laws to unlock potential is at the core of her work. By marrying ancient wisdom practices with new findings from quantum physics and neuroscience Larissa invites you on a deeply transformative journey, learning to ask the right questions and seeking the answers within yourself.

Individual treatments are based on sound acupuncture, sound massage, TCM, body work, healing touch, five-element, chakra and temperament techniques, color therapy, essential essences – all guided by Larissa’s clair-knowing and clair-scentient insights. A treatment is tailored to your personal needs, reviewing your health history, goals, challenges, lifestyle… with the aim to hold space in which you may align with your inner calling and allow your visions and deeply seated soul gifts to materialize. She supports your self-empowerment and offers take-away techniques you may use on a daily basis. Whilst most clients discover profound and sustained healing results, Larissa has also experienced the magic und humbleness of spontaneous healing.

During her many years at the Berliner Philharmonic Larissa got deep insights into the working culture of a world class orchestra, especially in terms of leadership- and team success but also in the healing power of music.

One of her favorite subjects is self-leadership (Selbstführung), where she explores the musical essence of coherence, order, rhythm and harmony in your own body system in order to increase the vibration of your energy field and hence your charisma.

Her ultimate aim is to transition from force to power, from the „I am“ to the „We are“, from self-empowerment to the inner calling, sense of mission and service to the people:

“My vision is to tune into a higher divine order so that we can, through our very vibratory presence, become stronger conduits of harmony and love in this world.”

“Be a king when life calls you to it!

Be a servant if it wants to put you in this place!

Let life show you whether you should serve or lead.

In both ways you will learn to serve.

A good king is the servant of all servants.

And a servant of service stands in his service alone like a king.

In essence, servant and king are equal.” (Samuel Widmer)

Larissa's Mission:

Larissa helps people to increase their basic vibration and life energy – through the medium of sound healing, body and consciousness work.

Her main calling is to work holistically, to inspire people to connect with their essence, to discover their potential, to come into creative self-expression; to remind people that they already carry everything within themselves! Self-confidence, health, leadership, creativity, love …

Larissa’s most important measure for my own health & self-leadership:

To be more and more present, pause, silent and listen; to reflect and question myself; to let go and nourish myself with nature, living foods, high-vibrating people, texts, music; to connect with animals, play with children and learn to accept challenges with joy and gratitude …

You can find Larissa at Unison Healing in Lotte (GER) or traveling to share her treatments and teachings in a humble, loving and authentic way. More detailed information here: