Kerry Dowson

Kerry Dowson

Kerry Dowson is passionate about osteopathy. “I think it’s compulsive – I just love it and cannot not do it.” Kerry adores the hands-on delivery and holistic nature of Osteopathy, using breath work to make a change and integrating health care.

Kerry makes a working differential diagnosis and tweaks it until it makes sense, then implements a plan for the best way forward.

If osteopathic treatment is not suitable for the patient, Kerry is the first person to refer on to other consultants for their opinions – these include your gp, consultants, surgeons, other complimentary practitioners, physios, singing coaches, therapists, nutritionists or exercise specialists. She will have met most of those she recommends.

One of Kerry’s osteopathic tools is a developed sense of touch gained from many years of experience, and understanding the structure of the human body and its integrated functions, learned from the rigorous osteopathic training. This helps her to identify problem areas of the body and she nudges patients back into health.  Utilising both structural and cranial osteopathic concepts and approaches, with soft tissue massage, both gentle and firm, stretching with mobilisation techniques and joint manipulations, she works with your whole body, from top to toe, jaw to hip, to create the right conditions for self -healing and integrates the concepts of mind and body for your well-being and change.

Osteopathy is a natural way to help relieve many conditions, which may include muscular aches and pains created from poor postures and bad habits, pathologies, or from held traumas or sporting injuries, car accidents or just highly charged emotions. She aims to tease these out and release bound issues with osteopathy and breath work, together.

“The aim is to help people to get back on track and feel good and healthy again. No-one wants to live with pain, there are so many people in the world who can help, it’s just finding the right one for the patient.”

Apart from working in a discreet practice in Notting Hill, Kerry works with the Brentford football team, some Royal Ballet dancers, in Schools and with people from all walks of life – with all ages from birth to school children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

She lives in London with her family, enjoys cycling miles, walking, yoga, sings in an acapella group raising money for charity, cultural events, gardening and generally loves having a laugh.