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Andrea Edmondson

Andrea Edmondson is a stress and wellbeing consultant & coach, dedicated to engaging, inspiring and empowering people to take charge of their health and wellbeing

Andrea career started in London, but in 2002 her husband’s work took them overseas. She has spent much of the last 19 years in New York, Brussels, Washington DC & Houston; she now lives in North Yorkshire.

The experience of 6 international moves with 4 children taught her much about the powerful impact of stress on health, learning and wellbeing, and her struggle with burnout, fuelled her journey to change her relationship with stress.

Andrea’s knowledge of self-regulation and neurobiology is what informs her approach, if it’s not evidenced-based it doesn’t get shared.  She is insatiably curious, loves to spark ideas and has spent thousands of hours researching and training.

Her compassionate but pragmatic approach is what attracts businesses and individuals, for her it’s not about fixing people, it’s about helping them to develop the curiosity, mindset and tools to help themselves.

In additional to her masters from the Universities of London and Glasgow, she has 30 years of teaching and coaching experience in the UK and the USA.  She is a certified facilitator for the Dr Shanker’s Self-Reg Method® and a mindfulness educator.  She’s committed to sharing the benefits of social connection, sleep, wholesome food and movement, much to her children’s annoyance!

She partners with organisations to create a ‘culture of wellbeing’ that is integrated, accessible and sustainable. The educator in her loves to design and deliver content to empower leaders and managers to manage stress and cultivate calm, healthy lives. Her background in academia ensures her material has gravitas but her delivery is always interactive, practical and engaging.

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