I’m a busy person. I bet you are too. Come to think of it, who isn’t busy? When you are busy, time is precious.

If you are reading this, then I’m guessing you might like coffee. Me too. Being busy though means even getting away from the desk and popping down to the local barista can be a challenge.

The modern office place often though has machine coffee options. Press a button or two and your choice of instant espresso, cappuccino etc.. is ready prepared. Let’s face it though, machine coffee is awful. I look with abhorrence at the colleagues of mine who drink it every day as the easy option of grabbing their caffeine fix or whatever they need to give them that lift. However, I understand the ease and convenience of the machine option: Sometimes you need a quick clean hit of caffeine, on the go.

Yet what if you could get the same fix, with a much better taste and a cleaner feeling? Introducing Flyte‘. The ‘Clean Energy’ drink.

I have to admit, sometimes when I drink coffee I’m yawning an hour later and ask myself, did I really just have a coffee? What goes up, must come down. You know that ‘slumping‘ feeling. Not so with Flyte. Once you are up, you stay up, and focused.

Flyte comes in 4 flavours (citrus lemon, orange clementine, green mango and red berries) and has a number of main ingredients.

First, its main ingredient is green coffee beans, which is where the caffeine part comes in. The difference here is that unlike ordinary black coffee (which is roasted) green coffee beans are unroasted and maintain some of their original health benefits, including chlorogenic acid, a type of antioxidant. It’s also being implicated in weight loss and improvements in mood and cognitive performance.

It further contains:

Schizandra – an adaptogenic herb, which is known for countering stress and improving physical performance and endurance. It does this by reducing the level of stress hormones in the blood.

Griffonia seed extract – a natural precursor to the feel-good neurotransmitter Serotonin.

Maca – a cruciferous vegetable that has its origins in Peru. Like Schizandra, it is also an adaptogen and is known to increase energy levels. Some claim it also acts as a natural libido-enhancer (although more research is required here).

B vitamins – to help maintain cognitive performance, they are also necessary precursors to Serotonin.

Overall, I’m glad I was asked to sample Flyte. I could imagine it one day on the trading floor and at desks all around the corporate world – in the thick of it all – grabbing a Flyte may just become a regular part of sealing the deal.



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