Sheila Bennett

Sheila Bennett

Sheila Bennett is a London-based yoga teacher, Desire Map facilitator and purpose & empowerment coach, who specialises in creating life balance and adding more soul to success for professional women.

She believes that you and your life were meant for more than “fine” and “busy”, and she’s here to show you how, because she was once stuck exactly where you are right now.

In February of 2008, Sheila boarded a plane back to the UK after a decade living and working among the skyscrapers of Tokyo. She was an achiever, striving for perfection. The perfect body, perfect partner, perfect career, perfect everything. From the outside everything looked, well, perfect. On the inside every part of her was exhausted. Tired of never quite feeling good enough, longing for something, but with no idea what she even wanted in life.

After years of trial-and-erroring, she discovered there are some fairly simple steps to creating a jump out of bed, happy in your skin, desire-yes-ing, do something meaningful life. And she knows from personal experience that just changing stuff – your job, your body, your wallpaper – isn’t going to get you there.

Leveraging her 15-year career in the corporate environment, an 18-year yoga practice, and time-tested skills as a teacher and transformational coach, Sheila shows up with an extraordinary range of practical, tactical solutions for body, mind and spirit – all purposed to transform your day-to-day experience into one of freedom, fulfilment and an awful lot of joy.