Raewyn Guerrero

Raewyn Guerrero

Raewyn is on a mission to empower you through how you eat, think, sleep and move. She is a CBT Hypnotherapist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

Hello, I’m Raewyn. I’m here to help anyone who is anxious, stressed, or sleep deprived, draw on a combination of talking therapy and personalised nutrition to feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled.

Prior to practising full-time as a therapist and coach, I spent 10 years as a Global Wellbeing Manager at an international bank, based in London, and went through my own experience of illness and burnout.

It’s why I retrained in Functional Medicine as a Health Coach. I believe that we can impact our mental health and brain health through how we think, eat, sleep and move.

I work as part of a collaborative care team, including a Medical Doctor, and three Nutritional Therapists.  We leverage the data from advanced lab tests, including genetics / hormones / digestion / heavy metals, to create a truly personalised plan around Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management and Supplements.  This way, we quickly improve your energy, focus, memory, mood and sleep.

It’s because you activate your body’s innate healing systems, rather than purely focusing on symptom management.

If you’d like to find out more how I can help, get in touch for a complimentary 30 minute video consultation via Well Works.