Sunita Passi

Sunita Passi

Sunita Passi is an Ayurvedic Health Coach and founder of Tri-Dosha, a leading Ayurvedic product house which supplies authentic Ayurvedic skincare and training to top spas and retreats through the UK and worldwide.

The granddaughter of an Indian Ayurvedic doctor, Sunita came to Ayurveda in an effort to manage her own stress levels, while working in India as a business journalist. She is co-founder of meditation project Unplugged Space and judge of the UK National Massage Championships. She has been invited to speak at the House of Lords and numerous other events and retreats, and also hosts a BBC Radio Show in Nottingham. Sunita holds Diploma’s in Ayurveda and Meditation, an M.A in Investigative Journalism and is a highly respected Ayurvedic trainer, practitioner and entrepreneur sharing the tools of this timeless medicine amongst her growing audience.


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