Maggie Richards

Maggie Richards

Raised in the wilds of west Wales, Maggie began her career as a journalist, contributing to the likes of The Times, The Guardian, Spirit & Destiny andBBC Radio before her life was transformed by meditation.

At 30 she fell in love with her inner silence. The deep peace she found within compelled her to begin assisting others to attune to their wellspring of inner guidance. Inspired by the very positive changes in her life, she trained as a Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist and gained powerful new insights into the mind-body connection. When the body is relaxed, the mind can be still.

Today, Maggie teaches children, adults and companies how to rest and be their best. Deloitte, Agent Provocateur, Leon, Stylist and Urban Rituals are among the brands who’ve selected her to work with them.

Author of A Guide to Being a Better Being, Maggie leads an ethical life and is devoted to making the world a kinder place.

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