Anger. It’s a key emotion that we confront on a daily basis. Sometimes we receive an aggressive email, sometimes we are shouted at, sometimes our expectations are not met and we get ANGRY. Sometimes REALLY angry. Your blood boils, your temper is raised and your ego is crying out for blood. You want to kick some serious butt and you want it now! Relate to that? I do.

But anger, my friends, is often no more than an affliction; a temporary chunk in our armour, our bruised ego, and as Eckhardt Tolle would say, our ‘hurt body’. If we take this event and look at it in isolation, it really is nothing more than a passing emotion.

Some say that anger is good, when directed in the right way. I’ve even heard that from revered yoga teachers. Except that the truth of the matter is that people end up apologising for their actions, because they are received the wrong way. It was ‘done to me’. Is that really a way to create a legacy or teach a new skill set? For me, no.

To this I say, it’s all about mastering the art of ‘letting go’. Observe that trigger point and let it go. I look back at this wisdom and I am really grateful that I haven’t responded in an aggressive or agitated manner during times of conflict in the office place. Sure, I didn’t like it at the time, but I knew at the end of the day that taking things further would simply make my life difficult.

Take a recent example. The other day, I was on the receiving end of some strong verbal barrage from a fellow colleague. I was very confused, I knew there was a misunderstanding, the tone of the language used was completely inappropriate; I was offended. I was angry. I almost shot off an email to my direct report complaining that enough was enough. I wrote THAT email. Then I deleted it. I let it GO.

The next day the person came back to me, stating that there was indeed a misunderstanding and he was sincerely apologetic for his actions. I felt that. That doesn’t excuse the manner of the correspondence the day before, but if I went off my rocker and took it further, then I would just make myself more upset and quite frankly, the working relationship with this key stakeholder would be that more difficult. Overall, a vicious circle. I’m glad I dodged that bullet.


So the lesson, my friends, is to let things go. Really. Realise when you are hurt, upset, frustrated and angry. Shit happens. It really does! People are human. Sometimes shit flies off the tip of people’s tongues. It is called ’emotion’. ‘Energy’ in Motion. But that energy simply transforms into something else. It’s not static. It’s transformative.

What happens in the past remains in the past. It really is all about the Now… Now, haven’t you heard that somewhere before? The Power of….

You got it.


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