‘Yoga Nidra – The Equivalent of a Night’s Sleep’

Join Stephen Marks for Yoga Nidra – The Equivalent of a Night’s Sleep, an immersive two hour workshop on yoga nidra.

When was the last time you had a really good sleep? It is now impossible to ignore the modern connections of neuroscience and the practices of the ancient yogis. Journey with Stephen in this wonderfully calming workshop where you lay back and he does all the work!!

This deeply relaxing workshop involves four guided meditations set to restful journey music. The session will also look at the background, traditions and science behind this practice, as well as some simple breathing techniques and postures to help prepare for the sleep journey. Turn up, tune in and seriously switch off.


15 Dec 2018


Bhuti, Richmond

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Stephen Marks

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Two hours of blissful relaxation to reset and aid sleep, what better way to spend a winter’s afternoon.

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