Do you want to be in a space where you can share your thoughts and feelings or whatever else is on your mind, without being judged? Do you also want to find a place where you can experience yoga & meditation, in a safe, welcoming and non-competitive environment amongst fellow Men?Then come to our monthly Men’s Circle in London.

Sharing is power, and there are issues that only us men can appreciate. We will be hosting an evening for men to bond and hold precious space together – to share and feel comfortable amongst the same species. You will leave feeling powerful in your masculinity and be at the forefront of the discussion on what it means to be a man in today’s society.

What exactly is a Men’s Circle? It is when a group of men meet regularly in order to better themselves as individuals. Imagine creating a community with new friends, where you can share authentically about what is happening in your life and where your brothers truly listen. Come to clarify your vision, ask for feedback and be accountable to the group for following through on what is important to you. It’s about genuine connection, intention setting, support and living with purpose.

You can open up about any aspect of your life that you are working on – whether it be relationships, work, anger, sex or something else. We know that there are many topics that men just simply do not talk enough about.

The evening will begin with a meditation to ground you after a long week, followed by a gentle yoga class. The yoga class will be suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. We will work gradually through a series of postures that will rejuvenate your body and mind. Following that, we will create an environment for open discussion on anything that is personal or for which people would like to share. There is no obligation to do so if you would prefer to just listen this time.

We believe that by coming together and bonding amongst fellow Men, we can realise a different state of consciousness and relationship with ourselves and each other, which can only lead to a better society.