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Sunita Passi is an Ayurvedic Health Coach and founder of Tri-Dosha, a leading Ayurvedic product house which supplies authentic Ayurvedic skincare and training to top spas and retreats through the UK and worldwide…



Anna Collins is an advanced practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’). She trained with several of Dr Rolf’s protégés to ensure she received the most direct lineage and best education possible…


Namaste, the person behind “Yoga-Mallorca” is, “Mahashakti”, Claudia Hubberten. Claudia was born in Mallorca and educated in Germany. Since childhood Claudia have been challenged with back pain due to a double scoliosis. This led me to try all kinds of therapies until I discovered the transformative energy of Yoga….