Founding Principles

Every successful, driven organization has at its core fundamental founding principles, which are so unshakeable and drive its very existence. Yogibanker is no different. Here are the principles which rock our world.

(i) All for One. One for All.

Yogibanker is for everyone. We believe that no matter what profession you come from, whether you are a hard working corporate professional or yoga teacher, wellness is for everyone.

(ii) Quality not Quantity

We only work with partners who offer a genuine, authentic product or service that we would be prepared to work with on a personal level and provide our own endorsement. We don’t work with just “anyone”. That’s a fact.

(iii) Sharing & Inspiring

Yogibanker wishes to inspire people to take their first steps into wellness to having an even better life.

(iv) Ecological Sustainability

Yogibanker believe our mother earth is in the grip of an existential ecological crisis. Yogibanker values the protection of the environment very highly and work to do everything we can to minimise harm or cultivate good, ecologically sustainable practices and the people we work with.

(v) Giving Back

Yogibanker believes that giving back to the community provides purpose and meaning to our lives. Yogibanker is committed to making a difference and sharing with others who are less fortunate, so that we can all make the world a better place. Yogibanker is proud to be supporting the following charities:

Special Yoga. Supporting Special Children with Special Yoga

OURMALA enables refugees, asylum-seekers and survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery to rebuild their lives