How to Multi-Task & Achieve Your Goals

How to Multi-Task & Achieve Your Goals

It’s been a busy few weeks at Chez Yogibanker, it’s fair to say. Sometimes it has been a little overwhelming, I must admit, but when is life ever meant to be straightforward? I was only reflecting last weekend, as I was enjoying a 5 year anniversary with my wonderful partner Susanne, how much life has changed. Weekends used to be ‘free for all’ in leisure and culture. Now, they are packed full to the brim with everything related to Yogibanker, as well as looking after my own wellness.

With all that, it’s fair to say I have some exciting plans – I’ve been totally refocusing what I want to achieve –  I’m building a new website, designing and developing an online course and have just re-launched our popular monthly group meditation event, ‘Meditate & Mingle‘. We had our first event for 2019 at Space 88 and it was a blast. Some photos from the event below. Next month’s event is on the 12th March and tickets are now available. Last time we sold out and we are bound to again for our next event, so if you are interested in coming, get your ticket soon. Tickets are available here. A special shout out to Sunita, Zane and Rae for your sponsorship and for believing in me!

As well, I continue to work full time in the City of London in a large financial institution as head of a small group which in the current environment is challenging. That said, where there are challenges, there are opportunities, and I’ve been fortunate enough to introduce yoga to a group of dedicated colleagues, who have now made teaching yoga a weekly part of my life. It confirms my belief that in the short-term at least, my mission is best served on the inside, helping to transform the lives of many – from their bodies to their minds.

Living in London, I’m also fortunate to being able to experience many great courses and teachers and I’m delighted that I have enrolled in a Yoga for Sports course in March at Yoga Campus. Being a strong skier as well as quite sporting generally, blending yoga and all things sports-related will be a really interesting dynamic for me.

So, in consideration of everything, I’ve decided to reduce my blogging schedule from weekly to monthly (for the time being) – to give me a chance to achieve everything I want to and prioritise my time accordingly. For those who miss their little hit of Yogibanker every Monday morning, I’m sorry and thank you for your commitment and time to read my posts. It does mean a lot to me.

I love writing – I take it very seriously. The time it takes from the initial thought/idea, through writing and amending all the way to the final production and editing (including SEO) is in the region of hours. I’ve decided that time is best spent on curating everything else I need to, in the coming weeks, keeping me focused and on track. I’ll miss it, but I know that it’s always there and always will be.

Until next time, stay well. Be well and I look forward to sharing with you my unique insights on wellness in the City next time.

Yours sincerely,




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