Susanne Haegele

Susanne is a multilingual yoga teacher, currently based in London, with 10 years’ experience teaching in studios throughout Europe as well as running her own retreats. Yoga is the most powerful way she has found to create a more independent life…

Lindsey Porter

Lindsey Porter, once a busy Financial Services Project Manager working around the world now directs her energy and drive into following her passion for sharing the benefits yoga can bring to all minds and all bodies….

Jörn Czech & Patricia Thomalla

Prior to starting Avenidao, Patricia and Joern found themselves at crux with busy careers and wanting a healthy lifestyle. They sought personable and deeply enriching support, however became unwilling at one point to continue to spend large amounts, of time and money, on ashrams and spa centers.

Both wanted neither esoteric fundamentalism nor materialistic wellness consumption….

Nico Luce

As an avid story teller, philosopher, traveller and mover, Nico has spent much of his life in pursuit of the extra ordinary. From intrepid travels through India, acting stints and a successful yoga studio ownership, Nico has spent much of his life seeking a way to live fully, with more vibrancy, and to embrace this life with each breath, one breath at a time…

Delamay Devi

A yogini, dancer, foodie, mentor, creatrix of Devi Designs and a lover of summer! Born and raised in Byron Bay, Delamay divides her time between Australia, Europe and Asia, following the sun and offering workshops, training and retreats in many beautiful parts of the world…

Claudia Hubberten

Namaste, the person behind “Yoga-Mallorca” is, “Mahashakti”, Claudia Hubberten. Claudia was born in Mallorca and educated in Germany. Since childhood Claudia have been challenged with back pain due to a double scoliosis. This led me to try all kinds of therapies until I discovered the transformative energy of Yoga….