Jörn Czech & Patricia Thomalla

Prior to starting Avenidao, Patricia and Joern found themselves at crux with busy careers and wanting a healthy lifestyle. They sought personable and deeply enriching support, however became unwilling at one point to continue to spend large amounts, of time and money, on ashrams and spa centers.

Both wanted neither esoteric fundamentalism nor materialistic wellness consumption….

Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah is the founder of MEDITATION: UNLOCKED, a movement designed to nurture mental wellbeing for modern life. A sudden, serious stroke at the age of 30 forced Niraj into yoga, which led to meditation…

Maggie Richards

Raised in the wilds of west Wales, Maggie began her career as a journalist, contributing to the likes of The Times, The Guardian, Spirit & Destiny andBBC Radio before her life was transformed by meditation…